~ iamamiwhoami; CONCERT IN BLUE (film download)

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iamamiwhoami performs live (April 2015). made with contributions and participation from followers of the project.

directed by WAVE.


iamamiwhoami; CONCERT IN BLUE film as digital download with the CONCERT IN BLUE digital book in pdf format. 

  1. vista
  2. thin
  3. t
  4. hunting for pearls
  5. fountain
  6. play
  7. tap your glass
  8. the deadlock
  9. chasing kites
  10. y
  11. the last dancer
  12. ripple
  13. blue blue
  14. shadowshow
  15. goods

the DVD edition includes additional bridges and an outro

lenght: 1 hour and 26 minutes
size: 2,5 GB
resolution: 1920 x 1080 

released September 2 2015 on To whom it may concern.

(c) & (p) To whom it may concern.