CONCERT IN BLUE (first edition)
CONCERT IN BLUE (first edition)
CONCERT IN BLUE (first edition)
CONCERT IN BLUE (first edition)


CONCERT IN BLUE (first edition)


the first edition of CONCERT IN BLUE LP/book

limited and numbered edition of iamamiwhoami performing CONCERT IN BLUE live in april 2015. contains audio on double clear blue 12 inch vinyls with illustrated labels and comes with a matt, 64 pages, perfect bound book with filled with images, illustrations, artworks, and text from the concert. all items are packaged in custom designed plastic outer sleeve with flap.

CONCERT IS BLUE was made with contributions and participation from followers of the project. the material featured in the concert was collected from the fan community of the project by iamamiwhoami.

lenght: 1 hour and 26 minutes
directed by WAVE.
book measurements: 20cm x 20cm


  1. vista
  2. thin
  3. t
  4. hunting for pearls


  1. fountain
  2. play
  3. tap your glass
  4. the deadlock (exclusive song)


  1. chasing kites
  2. y
  3. the last dancer
  4. ripple


  1. blue blue
  2. shadowshow
  3. goods