To whom it may concern. is an independent label and creative company run by a small number of creators from different art fields.
it was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2010 by artist Jonna Lee with the aim to release the music and films of the audiovisual project iamamiwhoami without compromising the quality of their releases and without boundaries.

"TWIMC" went from sole digital releases to producing and manufacturing our limited physical editions as well as films, still visuals and illustrations.
our releases are now produced, manufactured, released and distributed and shipped by To whom it may concern.

the label is now a home to creators such as iamamiwhoami, directors collective WAVE, music producer Claes Björklund and illustrator Jan Scharlau.

In 2014 To whom it may concern. opened this SHOP. here we offer high quality items made by our creators with art in focus, and deliver them with care to arrive at your house in best possible condition.