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the audiovisual project’s innovative 64-minute live installation film as HD download.

iamamiwhoami is the award-winning audiovisual project led by swedish artist Jonna Lee, in musical collaboration with producer Claes Björklund, and visual collaboration with cinematographer John Strandh.

Lee and Strandh worked with director Robin Kempe-Bergman, and production designer Agustín Moreaux, to create iamamiwhoami's live concert installation titled IN CONCERT.

by request from iamamiwhoami, the audience was to select a volunteer to contribute to an unknown adventure.

we follow the journey of a brave volunteer who ultimately faces their destiny; known to iamamiwhoami's audience by the nickname ShootUpTheStation.

chosen through an internal election arranged by the audience, ShootUpTheStation represents them as the concert's only physical attendee.

as IN CONCERT begins, we follow the volunteer's filming of his journey as he is picked up from a hotel at an unknown location in sweden...

read more about the event.

music and live performance by iamamiwhoami
directed by Robin Kempe-Bergman
cinematography by John Strandh
sound by Björn Baumann
production design and styling by Agustín Moreaux
costume by Agustín Moreaux & Klara Bjärkstedt

produced by To whom it may concern.
executive production by Jonna Lee

comes with digital film artwork and poster by Jacob Hulmston.
aired by To whom it may concern. in 2010.

length: 64 minutes
size: 4.42GB
resolution: 1920 x 1080

aired 20101116 on
released 4 december 2016 on To whom it may concern. ©