bounty is the first audiovisual series by iamamiwhoami. the songs and films of the album were released online as episodes during 2010 and 2011, telling the story of the project’s birth and origin online. how it started out as an art collective which evolved into an audiovisual act. the titles of the album collectively form the word “bounty”.

bounty got its worldwide physical and digital album release in 2013 on To whom it may concern. and Cooperative Music / [PIAS], and was before that was released as digital singles.


  • 9-track white LP album
  • 9-episode DVD film
  • 9-photo 12×12″ booklet
  • all in gatefold sleeve
  1. b
  2. o
  3. u-1
  4. u-2
  5. n
  6. t
  7. y
  8. ; john
  9. clump

catalog: TWIMC002