iamamiwhoami; BLUE film as dvd in sheer transparent plastic folder. featuring music and performance by iamamiwhoami. directed by WAVE.

length: 1 hour 7 minutes
episodes: 11

BLUE is an audiovisual series by Swedish audiovisual project iamamiwhoami aka artist Jonna Lee, music producer Claes Björklund and directors collective WAVE.

the film consists of 11 connected audiovisual episodes connected by its narrative. BLUE describes the project's own evolution seen from the eyes of iamamiwhoami in relation to their followers. the water theme of BLUE has been described as a visualisation of the online arena iamamiwhoami was brought to life in by its audience in 2009 through their YouTube channel where they quickly gathered a growing online following, sharing and integrating with the project's work.


  1. fountain
  2. hunting for pearls
  3. vista
  4. tap your glass
  5. blue blue
  6. thin
  7. chasing kites
  8. ripple
  9. the last dancer
  10. shadowshow
  11. dive (bonus episode)